March 30, 2017

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- painting -- my emotional diary!!?

June 11, 2017


 ... for me paintings are an                   emotional diary.  


   When I begin to paint

I don't often have any subject in mind, nor a drawing, rendering of a scene, sketch or anything I've photographed to refer to.  


  My preference is to catapult colour onto canvas with palette knives and catalyst (instead of with paint brushes) and allow my mood to influence the piece.  Sometimes starting by mixing paint onto trays and plates beforehand, more often than not however embellishing and building by adding pigment/paint right over top the tones I've already laid on canvas & then continuing to layer or transform as I go; as I see fit to.    

 There is little 'rhyme or reason' I apply toward what will have emerged as a whole - visually for me to feel the painting is finished. The guide or measure of completion has a very generous correlation to what pleases my eye and there are no formats as to ratios of blend, smudge, sharp lines, shapes, composition, compliment vs. contrast, etc.


- -- to me  -  creativity, imagination & artistry are treasures  - --

that should be encouraged, be explored, or fulfilled so they will then develop some 'true' value.


  Like experiences, moments & as aspects of my life occur with an unscripted uniqueness  -     - - so do my paintings!! - --

I start from one edge / or corner of a canvas /  at the center of /

from an unspecified area / adjacent to / around an intersection of ... 


 Having recently been asked to marry (once more)

  & having gleefully said YES - -- a vast range of emotions and simultaneously shades and hues to match in intensity are stirred at my



  The view since the proposal [from up on cloud nine] has me daubing and coating canvas with muted aqua/ turquoise or blushes, of varied intensities & apricot, warm grey, caramel, saffron, verde... 

  The paintings I have been jumping between are a lil more fluid, with titles springing to mind before they are even complete - so much so that perhaps a collection will be born of the tremendous happiness overtaking me! 


Likely to be titled - ENGAGEMENT - a series of deep rich fulfilment


till then, CHEERS



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