... launching my site feels long overdue, it is in and of itself a personal event to share these paintings/creations/works or original pieces.

  Offering them for sale to friends & strangers, art lovers, etc. in both an abstract frame of thought and presentation is akin to sharing and telling stories; experiences and journeys coming out of  hiding as they are expressed through the smudges, strokes, hues & tones that transfer off the brushes & catalyst onto the canvas.



own_unique_journeys_has_value  AND #life_is a_


Born in Cape Town, South Africa

  - currently residing in British Columbia, Canada

  Visual aesthetics and their change over time draw my attention;  

                - -  of  nature or architecture - - -------


- Wood & Cooper; ageing or taking on different tones as they patina                  and wear are amazing to me 

Organic shapes; clouds moving and morphing with muted shades at                     dusk seem underrated!

- Photography; I enjoy capturing silhouettes or shadows, spider webs, 

  or the subtle iridescence of Dragonfly wings, etc.  - on my Nikon -

 Mother Nature; the loveliness of waterlilies, the Jade hue of water in Jasper       terracotta pots and cobalt ceramics in Greece

     - - - -    -      which brings me to Travel;                              - - -          

    ... having had the good fortune to visit abroad to more than eight              countries I've seen breathe taking skylines, mountains, oceans, people,

     - tasted delicious foods, rich spices, enjoyed Port, Bellini, Plum Wine,      Grappa, to name a few

       - walked atop the Great Wall of China, lazed on a beach in Lisbon,

  dined in Capri, Sardinia, Marsielle, Mykonos, Olbia, Istanbul, Madrid,

   Valencia, Barcelona, seen the ruins of Pompeii among many other               bliss-filled moments which are evoked as they inspire my creations and

         --  -    then manifest or overlap within the moody tones /palette

                I mix & put upon the canvases of my original oil paintings - --

         more influences;   my Dad [James T Alexander], the Dahli  Llama,              

 the 70's, graffiti art, Gustav Klimt, Paul Gauguin,

     Art Nouveau, David Bowie, vintage posters, retro fashion

Experience -   Self  Taught  -

Claudia Jacobson 

copyright 2017  empowered on canvas.  all rights reserved

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